Fresco Aire Bra Overview

The changing fashion and improvement in manufacturing practices has modernized nearly everything in this contemporary world. This had significantly increased the vividness of design and variety of clothes. Even the Bras come in different designs these days. The modern trend has allowed the designers to make new bras of different designs that are more fashionable and comfortable too. But this has however, increased the problem to choose the correct bra according to body structure. Nearly 80 women out of 100 wear wrong size bras according to their breast shape. It also causes several diseases like breast cancer and some major health problems like breast pain, numbness, back pain and headache.

Aire bra has seamless micro-fiber to provide support your ligaments, hence preventing wilting of your breast. The four ways knitted fabric bands gives you pleasant feeling and good comfort. The Aire bra adjusts itself according to the size of your breast. It is more comfortable than Aire Bra. This product is popular all over the world among women due to its fabric quality and wonderful fitness. The great comfort level of Aire Bra had made its demand to rise worldwide. This also make you look slim and sexy and allows you proper breathing and relaxes. So if you are not happy with the bra you are using then try this product and enjoy the real sensations of comfort.


Buy 3 Pieces Bra only RS. 1595/-Only | Buy 6 Pieces Bra only Rs. 2595/-Only


Aire Bra is most preferred women's bra worldwide.

  • Fully functional and supportive pullover.
  • Full support from sides to maintain the shape of breasts.
  • Curves get perfect support and shape.
  • Best quality fiber, contains 92% nylon and 8% spandex.
  • Aire Bra can stretch or contact according to your shape.
  • Aire Bra have a Seamless and smooth finishing.

  • Notes : if you have not get right result than you applicable for 6o days money back grantee

Aire Bra Size Bra Size(inches) Bra Size(cms)
Small 28 - 34 71- 86
Medium 35 - 38 87- 97
Large 39 - 40 98 - 102
XL 41 - 42 103 - 107
XXL 43 - 44 108 - 112

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Thanks to the aire bra I have finally found a bra that is comfortable.

Amazing Bra , It is extremely comfortable, with no trouble, no pain I think the most comfortable bra. Thank you quick delivery.

I love the bra, I recently bought the Aire Bra which has better support and lifts my breast more so it doesn’t look its sagging.